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July 18, 2012 / schmidtvbm1975

Downstairs Toilet Ideas

If at any one time you have ever gone to visit a big family which owns a house with one toilet only then you know how awkward things can get especially in the morning when everyone wants to take a visit to the bathroom. If you want to avoid such embarrassments then its time you start considering adding a downstairs toilet to your house.

A down stairs toilet example

Understairs Toilet

Understairs Toilet


Up to recent times not many people saw the need of an extra toilet downstairs but with the many renovation projects aired on television and the increasing use of toilets (for other reasons apart from the usual ones) people have started warming up to the idea.

Adding a under stairs toilet to your house plan is quite an undertaking because even the simplest plan of a downstairs toilet (that of a toilet bowl and a hand basin) will require considerable skill and money.

Building and planningTalk to the other members of the household and ensure that everyone is in agreement. Before you start any work talk to your local building department and ask whether there are any permissions required and how much they cost.Consult a professional architect who will tell you about the modifications that will be made to your downstairs and how they will affect the rest of the house. Do your calculations and know how much the whole venture is going to cost. You should consult a professional builder for help on this.

The simplest plan of a downstairs toilet usually consists of a toilet and a hand basin only. Water is supplied to the toilet through pipes. You may also choose to add a bathroom to the design. The most important thing is to ensure that there is enough floor space and adequate ventilation, example shown below.

Despite the relatively high cost of building a downstairs toilet, there are many benefits associated with it:You can use the upstairs bathroom comfortably without inconveniencing others who need to use the toilet.Visitors can use the downstairs toilet and bathroom. This prevents them from using the upstairs facility which mostly has personal items.If there are any disabled or aged persons living downstairs it will save them the tiresome and difficult trip upstairs.


Most people presume that adding a downstairs toilet to a house will increase the value of the house. This is not entirely true. Even if the value of the house goes up the extra amount does not cover the costs of building the toilet. A house with a downstairs toilet may get a buyer more quickly than the one without but it doesn’t mean that it will sell for more money.

Downstairs toilets are a growing tread in many story houses today. They are especially beneficial to big families more so those in which there are many kids. If you are not doing it for the purpose of adding value then it is an idea you should not be afraid to explore. Talk to the right people and get the right information from authentic sources.

Here is an example of a downstairs toilet I had installed at my house


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